Welcome to the De-stress From Your PCS Summit
Speaker Edition Lineup

 These sessions were designed to help you manage stress during and after your PCS – whether it was 2 weeks or 2 years ago.

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Erica Snyder
Stress Clocks: How to Know & Get Ahead of Your Stress


Sarah Kadel
Stay Open – Gentle Back Bending Practice


Brandy Hairston
Inviting calm, inner peace into stressful times through breathwork, and mindful movements

Mary-Catherine LaBossiere
How to Manage Stress Eating for Optimal Digestion

Michelle Marks
Getting Curious About Your Body in Space & Time to Support Your Nervous System

Trish Curling
Restorative Yoga – It’s Your Time to Rest


Rebecca Servoss
Creating Ritual with Lunar Rhythms

Heather Campbell
Smarter, Not Harder – 4 Shortcuts to Easy Meals


Erin Browning & Sarah Hudson
WombSpeak 101: What does my womb have to do with my voice?

Bernadette Soler
Rest & Digest: Therapeutic Yoga and Lifestyle Techniques for Optimal Digestion

Sonya Verma
The Art of Deep Listening: Tuning the Harmonics of the Body & Nature

Christina Mattison
From Chaos to Calm – Handling Anxiety During PCS Season


Anissa Hudak
Self Care Isn’t a Luxury…It’s a Necessity


Maralis Self
House Energy Cleansing Ceremony


Laurel Odom
Ayurvedic Foot Massage for Deep, Restful Sleep


Meredith Klein
Putting Your Best Face Forward: Simple Practices to Relieve Stress in the Face + Eyes

Megan Hively
Restoring Balance Post PCS


Sarah K Hudson
Finding Resilience Through Rest


Lesley Pereira
3 Secrets to Sustainable Habit Change

Manda Lynn McVey
Reclaiming Resilience: What resilience looks like in real time

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