Meet Your Host

Erica Snyder
Stress Clocks: Know & Get Ahead of Your Stress

Hey! I’m Erica, an Ayurvedic Health Counselor & Wellness Coach who just completed my 5th PCS as an Army wife. After my first three military moves, countless job changes, and the addition of three kids in five years, I knew I needed better strategies to manage all that this lifestyle throws at us as mamas.

I created this summit to help you integrate different tools and techniques to your self care routine so that you put yourself first, find more time in your day, feel less stressed and naturally boost your energy.

Meet Your Speakers

Sarah Kadel
Stay Open – Gentle Back Bending Practice

I am passionate about creating wellness opportunities, events, and educational programs to help folks connect with themselves and each other. I have been teaching yoga internationally for over a decade with the intention of bridging the gap between the physical practice on the mat and how we move through the world in our daily lives. With an emphasis on trauma-conscious facilitation, my yoga classes, trainings, and retreats provide opportunities to influence personal resiliency and collective/community care.

Brandy Hairston
Inviting calm, inner peace into stressful times through breathwork, mudras, and mindful movements

Brandy Hairston is a supportive wife, dog & plant lover, tea junkie, and a RYT500 who studied under E-RYT500 Kristen Cooper-Gulak and E-RYT500 Jess Biechler with the Kunga School in Wilmington NC. She has opened & owned a successful studio in Topsail Beach NC with the mission to serve her active and retired military community. It was featured and ranked #4 in VisitNC. Her soul’s purpose is to assist others in their healing process with ancient holistic techniques by using movement, breath, & hand gestures. She is forever a student and always humbled by and grateful for the opportunities to meet, guide, learn from, and grow with individuals on and off the mat.

Mary-Catherine LaBossiere, MPH, RD, LDN
How to Manage Stress Eating for Optimal Digestion

Mary-Catherine LaBossiere, MPH, RD, LDN is a registered dietitian, military spouse, and the owner of Defy Nutrition. She started her career working in obesity and diabetes clinical research before transitioning to behavioral health and eventually private practice! Mary-Catherine is now a full-time entrepreneur who helps women learn how to eat like humans again and develop healthier relationships with food.

Michelle Marks
Getting Curious About Your Body in Space & Time to Support Your Nervous System

Michelle has been merging her background in education, neuroscience, psychology, somatic therapies, and yoga for more than two decades. Her passion is offering experiential practices in exploration of the inner workings of the body, mind, and spirit. She has been teaching yoga and hosting workshops and retreats for 20 years, and has had a private therapy practice working with individuals and couples for over a decade. With a focus on embodied listening, a deeper understanding of one’s physiology through deeper biological understandings, and attending to one’s patterning both within the structure and in the relational realm, Michelle brings a playfulness, and practicality to whatever subject she is presenting.

Trish Curling
Restorative Yoga – It’s Your Time to Rest

Trish Curling is a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer, and founder of Ani O Yoga. She completed her 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training, along with studies in the Nervous System + Restorative yoga, and the therapeutics of the shoulder, hip, and spine with Yoga Medicine. Trish values her commitment as both a yoga student and teacher. She strives to create an environment in her classes and with her clients that feels safe, fun, and approachable for all.

Heather Campbell, MS RD
Smarter, Not Harder: 4 Shortcuts to Easy Meals

Heather Campbell is a published nutrition expert, military spouse, and mom of 3. With a decade of experience in the difficulties of feeding families, she specializes in helping busy parents use shortcuts that save time, same money, and get their picky kids to eat. She is passionate about breaking the grip of diet culture for the next generation, as well as ending military family food insecurity.

Erin Browning (with Sarah Hudson)
Wombspeak 101: What does my womb have to do with my voice? 

Erin is a breathwork facilitator, a health counselor & a master’s educated voice pathologist who is coming to this summit to help you find your most effective voice. Sarah is a birthing doula & yoga teacher who will lead the way to understanding just what the womb has to do with voice anyway. Together this is a dynamic and unique presentation of the very basics for finding your WOMBSPEAK.

Bernadette Soler
Rest & Digest: Therapeutic Yoga & Lifestyle Techniques for Optimal Digestion

Bernadette is a proud military spouse and yoga therapist! With over 9 years of teaching experience and a consistent dedication to studying and practicing yoga, she has a gift for applying ancient yoga techniques in a simple and effective way to our modern lifestyles. With deep faith in the life-changing power of a daily yoga practice, she’s excited to help you uncover your potential and feel amazing on a multi-dimensional level.

Sonya Verma
The Art of Deep Listening: Tuning the Harmonics of the Body & Nature

Sonya Verma MHSA, MBI is the founder of Inner Radiant Life, a yoga, meditation and sound facilitator, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Reiki Master Practitioner with a passion for discovering the intersection of creative expression and healing in a community-based setting. Honoring her Eastern Indian heritage and Western upbringing she brings a unique approach to her work that is heart-centered, compassionate, and empowering. She weaves her training from different modalities of somatic healing from various yoga traditions and trauma research with a centralized focus on embodiment
practices. The practice is not evaluated by aesthetic alignment in yoga poses but a deeper connection to the, often ignored, more subtle parts of oneself. Through present awareness, humor, and trust, she believes we can develop a more loving and accepting relationship to ourselves and where true healing lies. Sonya facilitates retreats, leading groups of adults and children through meditation, yoga, and sound. She has several projects in underserved communities and with Bhutanese Refugees in the region by leading yoga and mindfulness-based practices.

Through her gift of holding space and creating a safe and nurturing environment, she encourages people to explore, grow and to have a deeper connection to themselves and others.

Her training includes certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Wellness Counselor with the Shakti School of Ayurveda, 500HR RYT Yoga Facilitator, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
(MBSR) facilitator, True Body Project Leader, and HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator

Christina Mattison
From Chaos to Calm – Handling Anxiety During PCS Season

Christina Mattison is a Heart-Centered Leadership Coach and 500 hour certified yoga teacher. Her experiences as an Air Force officer and military spouse led her to create the Strong and Resilient Woman community – a space for movement, mindfulness, and learning to do better for ourselves. Christina is also the creator of the Lead Your Life movement – a transformational wellness program for female leaders in the military.

Rebecca Servoss, RN
Creating Ritual with Lunar Rhythms

Rebecca Servoss is a mama to 3 children, registered nurse, and Ayurvedic Health Counselor. She has been supporting new families through the birth to postpartum transition since 2007. She has served new families in the role of a postpartum doula, lactation specialist, postpartum and NICU nurse. After several years of hospital nursing, Rebecca wanted to combine her experience in western and holistic medicine, obtaining board certification as a Holistic Nurse Coach and completing a 600 hour certification as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. She is the founder of the Rooted in Rhythm Postpartum Pathway, a 12 week program weaving together the modern postpartum experience with the rhythm and ritual of Ayurveda.

Anissa Hudak, C-IAYT, RYT-500
Self Care Isn’t a Luxury…It’s a Necessity

My life has been intertwined with PTSD/Trauma and the military. Not only am I the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, I was also married to an active duty member (and Iraq/Afghanistan Veteran) for over 20 years. For 3 years, I volunteered at the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Riley, Kansas providing yoga therapy, meditation, and other holistic treatments to the soldiers, family members, and staff. After seeing others struggle, and having my own personal struggles with trauma/PTSD, I was inspired to create the Trauma Healing Yoga Therapy Program.

As a Yoga Therapist and founder of the Trauma Healing Yoga Therapy Program, I guide others in the use of effective, science based yoga therapy and other holistic techniques for the management/healing of symptoms relating to PTSD and trauma for people who want to control their PTSD – not allow it to control them.

Recently, I have focused my efforts to working with women who have been sexually traumatized to help them heal their PTSD (and other trauma related issues) with yoga therapy. As a 2x rape survivor, I intimately understand the needs these women face, and help them navigate their healing journeys.

I earned my 200 RYT, 500 RYT and was awarded my Certification in Yoga Therapy from the International Association of Yoga Therapy. Additionally, I have completed a 120 Hour YogaFit Warriors training and the MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) online course through the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Currently a student with the Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy, I’m learning another approach to utilizing yoga to help release trauma from the body. I work with people with all types of physical conditions, however, I specialize in working with those suffering from PTSD, TBI’s and all trauma-related issues and have been for over the past 5 years.

Maralis Self
House Energy Cleansing Ceremony

Maralis Self is a sacred spaceholder & well-being guide. She utilizes techniques she has been trained and certified in, Reiki, Yoga & Mindfulness, to help guide others through healing, toward well-being, toward their own inner light. Her approach is both holistic and intuitive and her goal when working with clients is that they feel more luminous and empowered. Maralis works with clients in person and virtually. Her specialty areas are self-discovery, self-love and healing from trauma.

Restoring Balance Post PCS

My deep curiosity about life and how the human body works has led to over 2000 hours of in-depth Ayurveda training and numerous certifications including a 500-hour Registered Yoga Instructor certification in the framework of Yoga Therapeutics, a Personal Trainer certification through NASM and specialty certifications in Corrective Exercise and Behavior Change. I also received a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science in 2012 and have been in the fitness and yoga industry for almost a decade. I am excited to pass on the knowledge I have gained over the years!

Sarah K Hudson
Finding Resilience Through Rest & Wombspeak 101

Sarah resides just outside of Columbus, Ohio but still considers West Virginia her heart home. A true mountain mama, you can find her and her daughters, Arabella & Emmalyn, along with her husband Nick playing in the WV mountains and rivers every chance they get.

Lesley Pereira
3 Secrets to Sustainable Habit Change

Lesley specializes in helping busy moms gain energy, reduce stress and develop a lifestyle they love through accessible daily habits and lasting change. She is a mom of 3 and understands the realities of prioritizing self-care amidst motherhood and career. Lesley is passionate about incremental, body-based approaches to helping modern women heal and thrive, without overwhelm or perfection. Certifications include Masters in Public Health, Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, Yoga Teacher RYT 500 and Yoga Health Coach. She is the founder of Reclaim, a comprehensive online program for mothers to learn and automate healthy daily habits of nutrition, movement and mindset.

Manda Lynn McVey
Reclaiming Resilience: What resilience looks like in real time and how to own yours

Manda Lynn is a holistic wellness practitioner, master resilience trainer, wife of an active duty US Army Soldier, and overall advocate for the wellness of the military community as a whole.

While she does focus a lot of her practice on nutrition coaching to help others live more healthful lives, her main focus is to guide MilSOs in overcoming the overwhelm that military life often presents.

Understanding that mental and physical wellness go hand in hand is something she prides herself on and what pushes her forward in her practice.

Laurel Odom
Ayurvedic Foot Massage for Deep Ritual Sleep

Laurel brings the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga & Tantra to modern mamas through luxurious, yet realistic & doable, self-care & rejuvenation practices. Traditionally, mothers fill the role of being the care-giver for their tribe, Laurel’s focus is on nurturing the nurturer. In this experience you will be guided through the practice of “padabhyanga,” Ayurvedic foot massage, to ground energy & prepare the mind, body & nervous system to drop into deep, restful sleep. Get ready to sleep like a peaceful baby.

Meredith Klein
Putting Your Best Face Forward: Simple Practices to Relieve Stress in the Face + Eyes

Meredith Klein is a certified Ayurveda Health Counselor and therapeutic chef based in Los Angeles. She offers an approach to Ayurveda and holistic wellness that is practical and approachable and meets students from wherever they are beginning.

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